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Earn Money From Your Tiktok Videos With

  • by is a brand-new feature that Tiktok has developed. On TikTok, musicians will be able to promote their music, and users will be able to write their own songs.

The new trend of using TikTok has recently captured everyone’s attention. The announcement has everyone on TikTok giddy since it will greatly benefit the vast majority of users.

TikTok created Soundme, an all-in-one platform for music marketing and distribution, to aid emerging artists in building and advancing their musical careers.

Earn Money From Your Tiktok Videos With
Earn Money From Your Tiktok Videos With

What Is TikTok’s

The TikTok promotion and music distribution platform enables musicians to expand their fan bases, engage in creative expression, and have their music heard globally. Facebook purchased TikTok in August 2018.

Musicians may now easily upload their tracks directly to TikTok. Every time their music is played on the website after that, the musicians will be compensated with royalties. Along with providing music authors with a 100% share of royalties for the first year and a 90% share for each year after, also provides a variety of marketing strategies and assistance.

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In addition to access to TikTok’s song tab, where music can be linked on profile pages, and assistance with promotional efforts through TikTok creator marketing, artists who sign up for TikTok will receive audience statistics, professional development assistance, and support from a dedicated artist team. All of these benefits will be given to artists after they have finished the enrolling process. The video-sharing software TikTok has become quite well-liked among teens.

Songs bought from Soundme can be played on other platforms and with other services. Because of this, fan loyalty spreads outside of TikTok, enabling artists to expand their fan bases on other streaming services and DSPs. As a result, TikTok has become a more significant platform for the music business.

Following a period of BETA testing, the function has now been completely introduced in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Indonesia, and an increasing number of musicians are choosing to use the platform.

TikTok-based musicians and music producers now have greater opportunities thanks to Soundme. There are opportunities to sign record and publishing deals, work with co-writers, and collaborate with well-known people in the field.

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How Do I Set Up An Account On Tiktok For Step-by-Step Method

Go to the official page in your web browser to begin creating a account. When the page has fully loaded, a prompt asking you to choose a country will appear.

No campaigns will be sent to a logged-in user if that user’s country location is incorrect. In the following step, you will be required to provide details such your first and last names, Tiktok handle, phone number, and email address.

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You must then establish an account with the creator role. The Tiktok handle you have been given will then need to be verified as being yours. Following that, the app will ask you to authorise your Tiktok account before giving you full access to’s features.

How is being received on Tiktok?

The new Tiktok features are already being used by a number of famous people. In the UK, Abby Roberts and Chloe Adams were among the first to successfully connect up, as did Games We Play and Muni Long.

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A vibrant network of upcoming artists and musicians can be found on TikTok, whereas is designed to assist aspiring musicians and musicians in general in starting their professional careers.

Thanks to this brand-new Tiktok feature, all content creators are happy to share their work with the general audience.

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Earn Money From Your Tiktok Videos With