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How to Make Money on Autopilot with the Best Affiliate Programs

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You may have heard that Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to make money during these difficult times. But how do you get started? Where do you even begin? If you’ve been thinking about these questions, you’ve come to the correct place. Today I’m going to show you how to generate money with Affiliate Programs on autopilot. Let me begin by saying that I am highly familiar with the subject matter at hand. I’ve been producing passive money through my company Planet Marketing for over a decade. I haven’t worked for a single employer in all that time! I’m going to do the following in this article:

Give you a quick overview of Affiliate Marketing.

Show you how to make money using Affiliate Marketing on autopilot.


What exactly is affiliate marketing?

When individuals discuss passive income, they frequently mention affiliate marketing. But, exactly, what is affiliate marketing? If you look around this site, you will discover that I have previously covered this subject extensively. So, I’m not going to go into detail here. All I can say is that affiliate marketing is a sort of marketing in which firms hire affiliates to do marketing on their behalf in exchange for a commission. To be honest, affiliate marketing isn’t all that strange. It’s similar to traditional marketing in which salespeople are paid a commission.

The only difference is that instead of walking door to door, people now market via the internet. However, the majority of individuals out there get it incorrect! As a result, they give up after only a short time. Or, even if they never give up, they don’t make enough money to make the whole thing worthwhile. So, how do you properly perform affiliate marketing? How can you do it in such a way that it makes money for you on autopilot?

What does it mean to make money on autopilot?

When we talk about producing money on autopilot, we mostly mean passive income. Another area that I have extensively explored on this blog is passive income. To summarise, it is regular income that you receive without having to put in the regular effort. Passive income is not the same as free money. Not at all! I had a lot of passive income, but I had to work my tail off to acquire it. It’s only that once everything is in place, the money will come in on autopilot. It is no longer necessary to put in a lot of effort.

Is it feasible to produce money on autopilot?

Most people believe that passive income is merely a pipe dream. However, it is something that does occur. I am living proof that it is feasible to earn money on autopilot. And I do it with the help of affiliate marketing and other methods. If you’ve ever wanted to spend your days basking in the sun on a beach somewhere, then these suggestions are for you. And if you’ve ever longed to escape your obnoxious boss, you should read the rest of this post!

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot

So, how may affiliate marketing be used to generate passive income? My recommendations are based on my personal experiences. I am my boss, and I was able to leave my 9-to-5 job thanks to affiliate marketing. So you can do it, too!

You must create your website.

Start a blog or build a large social media following to make money with affiliate marketing.

This is the first step in earning money on autopilot through affiliate networks. You’ll never make enough money approaching people and convincing them to buy this or that product. What you need to do is start your blog or build a large enough social media following. Whatever platform is used, it must be active. But what exactly do I mean? To get the message out to individuals, I primarily use the Planet Marketing blog. Some people utilise social media, while others watch videos on YouTube. You could even contact folks via email.

You require relevant material.

Your channel must be active and provide relevant information. Relevant content on a blog is how you get recognised by Google and other Search Engines. To generate money with affiliate marketing, you must first attract visitors to your website. Once they arrive, you can persuade them to purchase things from various brands.

How do I do it?

On this site, I provide stuff that is relevant to what people are looking for out there. So I conduct keyword research and then develop killer content. After that, I perform a lot of SEO. This enables my articles to rank highly in search engines. As an example, I am an affiliate for Kinsta, a company that provides web hosting services. So, to attract visitors to my website, I’ve created many Kinsta-related articles, including a Kinsta review.

By the way, this website is hosted by Kinsta, thus my content is relevant because I know precisely what I’m talking about. So the difficulty for me is to persuade others that, yes, this is a web host that I use, and that they should try it as well. Once I’ve written a post like that, people will start signing up for Kinsta using my link, and I’ll get paid. Autopilot is essentially activated. But wait! I’m getting ahead of myself!

Join affiliate marketing schemes.

Before you can start making money, you must first sign up for affiliate programmes that are relevant to the content of your channel. A marketing blog, for example, would sign up for programmes that provide various marketing services. The affiliate marketing programmes for which I have signed up are as follows:

Kinsta, Bluehost, and InterServer are examples of web hosting services.

SEO tools like SEMrush and SE Ranking

Online Review companies such as Shopper Approved

How do I join affiliate programmes?

Signing up for affiliate programmes is simple and takes only a few minutes. In reality, it’s one of the simplest stages toward earning money on autopilot through affiliate marketing. You can join affiliate programmes directly or through affiliate networks. I’ve built a variety of packages that feature some of the top affiliate programmes for affiliates available. Please read those articles. Some of the most well-known affiliate networks are as follows:

CJ affiliates




Amazon Associates

Rakuten Marketing


Create relevant content

This is the third step toward earning money on autopilot using affiliate networks. This step was already mentioned at the beginning. What you must do is provide relevant content. If you have a YouTube channel, you must provide content that people want to watch. The same is true if you have a blog. You must provide material that is pertinent to what people are looking for.

What topics may you discuss?

There are no limitations to the things you can discuss on your blog or social media. It does, however, pay if your site is focused on a specific topic. If you’re setting up an Amazon Associates site, you should do this.

You can build a niche website.

Some have made money by developing niche websites. These concentrate on a specific issue that has not yet been covered by others. As an example, you could develop a website dedicated to pet hamsters. This may appear to be a little issue to concentrate on, but the fact that few people will have developed sites devoted to it means you will face less competition. If you start a site in a crowded market, you will not generate much money because you will never be able to compete with established competitors in terms of SEO. Anyway, here are some topics to consider:

Web hosting

Products on Amazon and ShareASale


Digital goods

Being a Single Mom

Raising Kids

Niche website examples

The Savvy Backpacker is an example. This website concentrates on European travel and makes money by selling various travel-related products. Headphones Jack is another site that focuses on the finest affordable wireless headphones for jogging. That is a relatively small field of study. There is also a website dedicated to the greatest e-ink readers on the market right now. These final two web pages are monetized by Amazon Associates. Having a focused emphasis works well with Amazon. Another example is The Spruce, which covers a variety of domestic subjects. Once the content is in place, the money will begin to flow as long as these sites receive traffic. My website, Planet Marketing, covers a broader range of topics. But understanding what you want is beneficial because it allows you to plan out exactly how you will use affiliate marketing to produce passive revenue.

Obtain a high ranking for your article.

marketing with content

You must publicise your stuff.

This is the most challenging step in the process of producing money online. You can create excellent content, but if no one views or reads it, you will not generate any money. To get people to your content, you must use Search Engine Optimization. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a one-day effort. You must be patient because it may take years for you to see the results of your labour.

Incorporate your links into your content.

When you join an affiliate network, you will be given links to use in your marketing. The links are how affiliate marketing businesses determine who is selling what. As a result, you should incorporate these links into your material. You may also email the URLs to others. You will be paid a commission if people buy through your link.

Look for Affiliate program’s that accept regular payments.

This is something I do regularly. The majority of affiliate schemes available only give one-time compensation. That’s fine for a platform like Amazon, where a customer just purchases products once. However, it is not fair for services that require monthly fees. The good news is that there are recurring payment schemes available. Shopper Approved, for example, gives me ongoing fees for the references I provide.

I’ve been an affiliate for this company for several years and have introduced over 300 people. Now, as long as these people stay Shopper Approved clients, I will receive something every time their accounts are renewed. So, this is the foundation of my affiliate marketing success. It’s how I’ve been able to make money with affiliate networks on autopilot. I could spend the rest of my life travelling across the world and still make more than enough money to live comfortably!

How does everything go into autopilot mode?

I’ve already mentioned how difficult it may be to get started. And it will not happen in a single day. But, if you want to make money passively in the future, you need to start right now. You can start by starting your blog. If you don’t know how to accomplish it, please contact me and I will assist you. You may then start building your site and executing SEO. If that’s what you want, Amazon Associates sites are a little easier to set up and start profiting. You can start earning money with just a few visitors every day. Other affiliate program’s require a lot of traffic. The trick is to persuade them to buy through your links. If you can achieve this, you will be able to start earning enough to augment your existing income. If you follow my lead, you could even be able to quit your current work!

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